My Greatest Hits

If it weren’t for watching LOST (my favorite TV show of all time), I probably would’ve never written my book! During Season 3, there is an episode called “Greatest Hits” where one of the characters, Charlie, writes out the top five moments of his life.  He does this because he knows he’s going to have to sacrifice himself to save his fellow companions on the island.  Knowing he’s going to die soon, he decides to write out the “greatest hits” of his life so they won’t be forgotten.  Below is a Youtube video showing Charlie writing out some of his list (there is some instances of drugs in the video as Charlie overcomes a heroin addiction) .

After working as an ISS instructor for a couple of months, I thought about this particular LOST episode and decided to come up with a “Greatest Hits” list of my own.  As the memories kept flowing from my mind, I eventually came up with a master list of all the great memories I’ve had in my life.

Greatest Hits Master List

After reflecting on these memories, I eventually narrowed them down to my “Ten Greatest Hits.”  This wasn’t an easy process since I’ve had so many great memories throughout my life, but here’s what I came up with!

          1)  Accepting Jesus into my heart on Jan 4, 2000 at youth rally

          2)  Receiving call about Windsor Head Coaching job

          3)  Table Rock Lake with the family

          4)  Getting my dog Toby

          5)  Myrtle Beach mission trip

          6)  Disney World with family

          7)  Liberty versus Vashon semi-final matchup at the Hearnes Center

           8)  Winning MIzzou 4v4 flag football championship

           9)  8th grade graduation dance in Archer City

          10) Winning Runner-Up Camper of the Week award at MSU Basketball Camp

One day, as I was logging memories in my “Greatest Hits” list, I eventually decided to write some of them out, which was what led me to starting my book, “Heaven on the Hardwood.”  God works in funny ways sometimes.  I truly believe He wanted me to write this book, and it’s amazing how he brought it to be.  There was a reason I watched LOST, there was a reason I became an ISS instructor, and there was a reason I decided to start writing out my own “Greatest Hits” list that fateful day in ISS!  What exactly is the reason God had me write my book?  I don’t know exactly!  But below is the finished cover of what God has produced through me.  Thanks to the folks at Xulon Press on doing such a great job designing it and thanks to everyone for voting on which cover design you liked most!  Let me know what you think of the official cover!

I strongly encourage you to make a “Greatest Hits” list of your own.  You’ll be blessed with memories you may have “forgotten” about over the years, and who knows what will come of it!  Maybe you’ll even write a book yourself…


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