Purchasing “Heaven on the Hardwood”

Now that my book is officially for sale, I want to let everyone know the multiple options you have for purchasing it for yourself.  Below is an overview of the different ways you can do it!

To purchase a copy online, go to:




*Also available in e-book version via Kindle, Nook, or Google eBooks


To purchase a discounted signed copy, you have several options:

1)  Attend one of my upcoming book signing events:

@ Liberty United Methodist Church, Sunday, Oct 28 from 12-3 PM

@ Barnes & Noble located at Zona Rosa in Kansas City, Sunday, Dec 2 (time TBA)

Get in touch with me if you’d like me to speak or come to an event near you!


2)  Get in touch with me personally and I’ll get you a copy



I’ll mail you a signed copy to your desired location upon receiving payment.  Cost is $20 per signed copy if I send it to you in the mail (that includes shipping).  Contact me at Brady0320@aol.com or Facebook message me, and we’ll work out the details (PayPal is an option if you have access to it).


I hope to get my book in bookstores soon, but that takes some time with the marketing process.  I’ll keep you updated on my book’s progress as far as bookstores go in the coming months.

As I’ve said before, the purpose of my book isn’t to make a ton of money.  It’s to reach people on behalf of Christ.  That being said, I’ve had to put quite an investment into the book and am hoping to at least break even on the project.  As much as I’d love to give out free copies to all my friends, I literally can’t afford to do so!  I hope you don’t take my insistence on charging you money for the book as a sign of greed.  It’s not that at all!  It’s simply a matter of being smart with my finances.  Thanks again for all of your support through this process!  PLEASE contact me if you want a signed copy.  I’m happy to get one to you and hope you all enjoy the book!


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