I love living in America.  The right to be able to express ourselves as citizens and vote for who we think can best lead our country are privileges not all people throughout the world enjoy.  That being said, I have grown to dislike politics for several reasons:


1)      People’s unreasonable expectations.

“Government is meant to organize and protect, not bring hope and fulfillment.  Don’t make it into something it isn’t.”—Lecrae

Many people nowadays not only support their candidates but equate them with this country’s savior.  No matter who you vote for during this election, they aren’t going to be able to bring “heaven on earth.”  Things will still be broken, crime will still be prevalent, and sin will still be rampant.  Only one Person has the power to fix the brokenness of this world and it’s not a political candidate…


2)      The divisiveness of politics

Not only do many people equate their supported candidate as a savior, but unfortunately, people often view the opposing candidate as some sort of evil, immoral “anti-Christ” that’s going to lead the country down the drain.  Both views are unhealthy and dangerous and only cause people to put up barriers between each other.  For how can someone build a positive relationship with someone who supports such an evil person and not the country’s obvious savior?


3)      Pretending politics doesn’t involve religion

Religion is nothing but one’s views on what the purpose of life is, where we come from, and what constitutes right and wrong.  Thus, EVERYONE is religious and bases their political convictions upon their religious beliefs.  Thus, part of the reason politics is so divisive is because people’s most sacred and personal ideals are what’s at stake and we refuse to acknowledge it!  Everyone is religious (even atheists and agnostics) and to deny that religion isn’t a major part of politics in America is ignorant and makes people even more unaware of what they’re arguing so passionately about.


Politics is a necessary part of America and is actually a good thing in itself.  We just need to be sure we vote for who we think can best lead our country without putting unreasonable expectations on that person.  We need to respect others’ opinions and don’t view their candidate as an evil “tyrant” but as a person who has different ideas about what’s best for this country (even if we staunchly disagree with them).  And we need to recognize that politics is often an argument about peoples’ religions and we need to be respectful and understanding when discussing such sensitive subjects with one another.  Besides, as Christians, doesn’t Christ call us to love one another (even our “enemies”) despite our differences?  Don’t let politics interfere with Christ’s far more important calling in your life.


Happy voting!


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