My Rock n’ Roll Career

Many people are surprised when I tell them that I was the lead singer in a band once.  My band played hits such as Wild Thing, Louie Louie, Gloria, and What I Like About You, and performed in countless birthday parties during our early years.  My talent as a rock star was unparalleled.  I had amazingly awkward dance moves to go with my squeaky and uninspiring voice.  I was a legend in my own mind and was certain everyone thought I was one of the coolest kids on the block!  I think you’ll understand why as you watch my performance in the below video (the video shows my band with me and what they went on to do without me)…

Obviously my musical talent was less than to be desired.  And once I finally realized I had a better chance of growing wings and flying than I did at becoming a famous “rock star,” I informed my fellow band-members (and extremely close friends) that playing in a band wasn’t for me.  Once they were free of my terrible singing, they obviously went on to do amazing things–including opening for Bowling for Soup (a local band that went on to become somewhat famous with their hit song “1985”).

Even though I was truly terrible, I have no regrets of participating in the band.  At the time, I thought I was “rockin’ out” like a famous rock star and sincerely enjoyed my time playing music with my friends.  I also did learn a few things about music in the process.  I learned to somewhat play the bass guitar and the keyboard, and I also learned how NOT to sing…

Later on in life I used these lessons from my band and tried to rejuvenate some of my musical talent:

I played in a worship band (“Rash Awkwardness”) with my friends at a small church in Columbia:

Recorded a “hit song” with a good buddy of mine (the song was called “Lame Boat”):

“Lame Boat” song

And even sang a song in a talent show while I was in Windsor (after taking some singing lessons):

Despite my efforts, I’ve found that my future in music is destined to be a listener rather than a performer, which I’ve grown to be okay with.  Instead of being jealous of others’ talents, I’ve learned to enjoy the gifts God has blessed them with and be thankful for the gifts I have.  All of us have certain passions and abilities we’ve been given to use for God’s glory.  The question then shouldn’t be “Why didn’t God give me this gift or that gift?” but rather “How can I use the gifts God has given me to better those around me?”

Take satisfaction in what you’ve been given and take enjoyment in experiencing the gifts of others.  I very much enjoyed the powerful performance given by the participants on NBC’s hit television show “The Voice,” where all the contestants teamed up and sang a powerful song in remembrance of the victims of the recent tragedy in Connecticut.

This is how music was meant to be used.  These singers were using their spectacular gifts to shine light on an unspeakable tragedy, to honor those affected, and to show God’s hand on the situation.  When I watched this performance for the first time, my eyes teared up and my heart sank in response to what I saw.  I was moved and inspired.

I hope I can use my own gifts in a similar way to bring hope and inspiration to others, like these talented individuals did on this night.

Luckily for all you “The Voice” fans out there, I obviously won’t be fulfilling this dream on your coveted show anytime soon!


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