Let Me Tell You About My Mom…

Mothers are special people.  They’re always there to support and love you no matter what the circumstance!  They’re there to rejoice with you in your best times, they’re there to support you in your uncertain times, and they’re there to lift you up in your worst of times.  In short, they”ve got your back at all times.  This is never more evident than when the following mother rose to the occasion to save her children in the most horrible of circumstances…

This mother loved her children so much that she was willing to literally lay down her life so that they could be saved.  According to Jesus, this is the ultimate act of love:

“Greater love has none than this:  to lay down one’s life for his friends.”–John 15: 13

Most parents love their children in this way:  that they’d do anything to see to it that their children are safe and have every opportunity to flourish.  My mom is the ultimate example of this…


When I fell and gashed my head open on the corner of the fireplace, my mom was there to hold me.

When my brother had to have a spinal tap as a young baby, my mom was there to console me.

When I was struggling with some bathroom issues in primary school, my mom was there to clothe me.

When I scored my first goal in an actual game, my mom was there to cheer me.

When I was being bullied at recess by an unruly classmate, my mom was there to speak for me.

When I asked for wild and outlandish gifts for Christmas, my mom was there to humor me.

When I wanted to ride my first upside-down roller coaster, my mom was there with me.

When my first ever girlfriend broke up with me, my mom was there to comfort me.

When I acted up at Bible Study by inappropriately playing hide and seek the entire time, my mom was there to discipline me.

When my oral surgery went awry, my mom was there to heal me.

When my family moved to Kansas City, my mom was there to calm me.

When my mom battled breast cancer, my mom was there to strengthen me.

When my brother was physically suffering, my mom was there to fortify me.

When I graduated and went off to college, my mom was there to sustain me.

When I got my first ever real job, my mom was there to celebrate with me.

When I was overwhelmed with disappointment, my mom was there to listen to me.

When I struggled with a minor health nuisance, my mom was there to patch me.

When my family seemed far away, my mom was there to bond me.

And when my soul is lacking, my mom continues to show Christ to me.

Anytime I’ve needed her, my mom has been there and will continue to be there.

Thanks be to God for my mother, without whom I’d be a lost soul, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

She is my rock, my source of strength, and represents everything that is good in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you!

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