A Fairy Tale Come True

I’ve been at “The Happiest Place on Earth” (Disney World) the past few days with my family, and I’ve realized one thing very quickly:  people love fairy tales!

IMG_1880All the stories seem similar:  distressed beautiful girl gets into trouble only to be rescued by a dashing, charming prince who comes to her rescue through great bravery and courage.

I came to realize this weekend that the Bible actually has a very similar story to share with us.  The wonderful part about it, however, is that it’s story is actually true and we get to be a part of it!

Far too often, however, we get sidetracked when it comes to what the Bible’s story is actually about.  It’s easy for us to think the Bible’s main concern is about us and how we can become more “heroic” by following God.

This version of the story is incomplete.

The true plot of the story centers around God, the great and powerful hero who created a beautiful bride for Himself (humanity).  We became corrupt, however, and fell to sin’s enticing power.  Thankfully, God doesn’t allow sin to win as He does the unthinkable by becoming a man Himself and comes down to earth to rescue us from certain peril!  (We’re the damsel in distress in the story…not the hero)

Oh how thankful we should be for not only being rescued by God, but for His decision to reveal His love story (the Bible) to us so that we might know Him more!

I watched a new Disney fairy tale this past week (Tangled) that I think sums it up best when we come to appreciate our Savior’s great love for us:

At last I see the light!  And it’s like my soul is lifted…


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