Don’t Buy the Lie

Don’t buy the lie that you’re meant to be mediocre.  That your talents and abilities don’t measure up, and that greatness is just not for you.

Don’t buy the lie that you’re not good enough.  That others are more capable and are destined for a life that is more significant than yours.

Don’t buy the lie that God doesn’t care about you.  That He’s uninterested in you and cares more about other’s affairs than He cares about yours.

Don’t buy the lie that your life doesn’t matter and that you can’t make a positive influence on others.

Don’t buy the lie…


BELIEVE the truth…

BELIEVE that God created you with greatness in mind.  That your talents and abilities are powerfully unique, and that mediocrity is just not for you.

BELIEVE that God accepts you the way you are and created you with significance in mind.  That others are certainly capable of doing great things, but that you are just as capable with His power on your side.

BELIEVE that God cares greatly about you.  That He’s more interested in you than you could possibly imagine and desires to be a part of your life in the most intimate of ways.

BELIEVE that your life matters and that there’s people in your life that God has placed there for a reason—and that’s for you to use YOUR talents, YOUR abilities, and YOUR unique personality to make a difference on them for the better!

BELIEVE the truth…



“I can’t believe that God put us on earth just to be ordinary.”—Lou Holtz

Be what God made you to be…

Be extraordinary.


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