Behind the Scenes at Arrowhead Stadium

Yesterday, I had the unexpected opportunity to go “behind the scenes” at one of the best and most anticipated football games of the year–when the Denver Broncos came to Kansas City to play the Chiefs.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got the call to come help cover the post-game press conference, and what followed was a day I’ll never forget…


Though my friend and I weren’t needed until the post-game press conference, we were required to be there SUPER early–which was fine with me considering the sights I’d get to see throughout the day.


Upon arriving to Arrowhead, we got to enter through the same entrance the players, coaches, and officials enter through.  It doesn’t look overly impressive at first but it only gets better from here…


My friend and I then headed to the press conference room to get the camera set up.  I was charged with doing the sound checks at the podium.  As a high school athletics coach, I thoroughly enjoyed fantasizing about being a coach at the highest level…

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We then headed upstairs for a complementary lunch.  This would be the same lunch many of the team executives would be munching on throughout the day.  To say I felt like a “big deal” would be an understatement…

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My friend and I then headed down to observe what was going on on the field.  It was here we got to witness several stars warm-up, and as an added bonus, we got to see one of the best quarterbacks of all time (John Elway) walk right across our face…

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After we finished making our presence felt on the field, we headed back towards the elevator, where we got to pass both teams locker rooms where several players could be found preparing for the game…

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We eventually made it to the press box, which is located high above the field.  I’m pretty sure we were sitting at the very top row at the highest possible point in the stadium.  The views were pretty spectacular…

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After the third quarter, we headed down to the conference room to prepare for the press conference.  It was there we got to witness Andy Reid and Alex Smith give their closing remarks after the game…

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Once the press conference was over, I figured my night of fantasy had ended, so I headed back towards the exit.  Shockingly, I found myself walking side by side next to the NFL legend himself–Peyton Manning!  I thought about saying something to him at first but I figured his bodyguard might punch me in the face or something, so I decided against it.  Instead, I walked confidently beside him (from about 5 ft away) pretending I was one of his touted receivers.  To say it was a surreal experience would be an understatement….


(my phone had unfortunately ran out of battery at this point so I didn’t get to take any more pics–which I’ll forever be upset about!)

As I walked through the players’ parking lot, I walked by a few cars I’ll never be able to afford and headed towards the gate.  At the gate, there was a large gathering of fans shouting and cheering at their favorite players.  I then realized that the security team thought I was a player myself (must of thought I was like the 3rd string kicker or something) and told the fans to “make way!”  I’ve never felt so cool in my life…

What an epic way to end of the best weeks of my life!  I couldn’t be more thankful for all the precious moments I got to experience with my loved ones these past few days–this was just icing on the cake!


I hope your Thanksgiving week was as enjoyable as mine.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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