Park Review #1: Leawood City Park

My daughter Emery and I have decided to go on a “Park Tour” of the Kansas City metro as a safe way to spend time together as we wait out this CO-VID pandemic. We’ll review each park on the following criteria:

  1. Aesthetic Beauty
  2. Quality of Playground
  3. Quality of Trail
  4. Water Feature
  5. Special Feature
  6. Overall

Each criterion will be given a grade of…        

  1. Poor
  2. Below Average
  3. Average
  4. Above Average
  5. Superb

With that being said, our first park review will be of Leawood City Park in Leawood, KS…

  1.  Aesthetic Beauty, Grade:  5

Leawood City Park was gorgeous.  It had a beautiful scenic trail, great pond with some wildlife, and extremely clean and well-kept.  Emery and I were impressed!

  • Quality of Playground:  4

This playground was very elaborate and had plenty of slides, swings, and play equipment for all age levels.  Very handicap friendly as well for any kids with accessibility concerns.

  • Quality of Trail:  5

The trail was extremely long and beautiful.  There were lots of bikers utilizing the trail and plenty of scenic views. It’s sure to satisfy anyone’s hiking/biking needs!

  • Water Feature:  4

The park had a large pond in the middle of the premises that had plenty of geese, ducks, and other wildlife to enjoy as well as a beautiful fountain.

  • Special Feature:  5

Within the park, there is an awesome outdoor aquatic center that has lots of great features for kids—including a water slide, diving boards, play area, etc.  There’s a fee to be able to enjoy the pool (day pass or seasonal) but it looked like it would be well worth the admission!

  • Overall:  5

Emery and I both feel this park was superb!  In addition to the quality aquatic center, trails, playground and pond, the pool also has tennis courts, soccer fields, nature trails, and an off-leash dog area.  In our estimation, this pool is well worth a trip!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”—Psalm 19:1


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