He Got That Power…

I often think to myself that “I’ve got that power.”  Cue will.i.am…

The truth of the matter, however, is that my “power” is not very powerFUL.  Think about it: as humans, there isn’t much we have power over.  We can’t decide how we look, where we’re born, who are family is, how people will act around us, or even what our kids will be like!

Even the things we do have “power” over, we really don’t have much say in.    For example, I’ve been told since I was a child that I can do whatever I want with my life.  All I have to do is pursue my passions and work harder than everyone else.  Well, I found my passion (basketball) and have worked my tail off to become a successful coach, but I really have little control over making that happen.  I have no control over whether the right opportunities present themselves for me and have little control over what people will think of me when I try to apply for said opportunities.  Thankfully, the One who DOES have control has provided me with some opportunities and given me the guidance I needed to find the current position I have now at Liberty High School, but I’ll be first to admit that without His providence, I would by no means have this job!

Don’t get me wrong, we do have control over some things, we have control over how we act, how hard we work, and how we treat others.  But as you can see, our “power” is limited.  We can only control so much, whereas God has power over all!  Therefore, we shouldn’t brag about our own “power,” rather, we should recognize that we really have very little control and boast in God’s power instead of our own.  Besides, whatever “power” we do have is also something granted to us by God and isn’t something we’ve gained all by ourselves.

There is a way, however, that we can access God’s power and allow it to flourish in our lives–and that’s through prayer.  Far too often though, our prayers look like this:

If you’re like me, I often pray in a similar fashion–without any purpose.  I just ramble through words and hope God catches them.  I don’t think God appreciates these types of prayers, and though they are better than not praying at all, I think He deserves more.  Besides, praying to God isn’t something that is going to benefit Him!  On the contrary, prayer benefits us because it allows us to tap into God’s power and allows us to meditate on what He has for our lives.

Below is a simple acronym I learned at my small group Bible study a few weeks ago that has really helped in my prayer life.  I’m not saying you have to use it, but I think it’s a great tool to use when you find yourself stuck in a rut and not really committing yourself to prayer in the way God wants you to.



At the beginning of your prayer, start out by admiring God for His greatness, His power, and His perfect will.  This will allow you to focus on Him more and yourself less, which is the way it should be!


The Bible teaches that we are to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness from God, and His forgiveness will be granted to us!  Humble yourself before God, admit your shortcomings, ask Him to forgive you, and then ask for His help in allowing you to turn from your sins through repentance and live a fuller, more purposeful life!


Thank God for all He’s done in your life.  Remember that your “power” is limited, and the only reason you have what you have is because God granted it to you through His power.  This will allow you to keep perspective and stay grateful for the blessings you’ve been given in your life.


This is often the number one thing most of us do when we pray–we ask for stuff.  There is nothing wrong with asking God for things.  In fact, the Bible says that you should come to God with any and all requests.  Therefore, you should do it!  Ask God to heal your friends, ask God to bring you a better job, ask God to bring you a wife, ask God to provide for your family, ask God for that new car you want, ask God for anything!  Don’t, however, make your prayer life a “Santa Clause wishlist” by making your prayers all about what YOU want.  Admire God for who He is and be willing to listen so that you can respond to what He wants, instead of just making it about what you want all the time.

PrayerIsn’t it nice having a God we can pray to at anytime, at any place, and in any situation?  We are blessed so much just by the fact we have access to God in this way.  We mustn’t take it for granted!  Pray often, pray with purpose, and pray to the One who’s “got that power.”


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